Monday, November 13, 2017

cities for the civilized

We've got to get the thugs out of our cities. Barbarians shouldn't be living in cities. After all, the words city and civilized come from the same Latin root, civitas. After violent felons do their time, they shouldn't be allowed to live in cities.

Friday, November 10, 2017

standards, not quotas

We've got to get back to academic rigor in the schools. This will require several things. For one, affirmative action quotas that bring in less qualified blacks and Hispanics over more qualified whites and Asians should be abolished. I can see affirmative action in the sense of outreach to promising individuals who've overcome obstacles most young people haven't faced. These would be based mainly on economic disadvantage, though, not skin color or ethnicity. By the same token, we need to get back to tracking by ability level at the elementary and secondary levels. Like should be grouped with like; that way, everybody can learn at their top level. The bright students wouldn't be slowed down, and the less able students wouldn't feel swamped.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

puerto rico

I see where the media are now trying to make FEMA's response to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico out to be 'Trump's Katrina.' (This, of course, since the FEMA efforts in Texas and Florida have been largely successful). Forget that Puerto Rico is a thousand miles from Miami and that its road system has been pretty totally destroyed.

But I'm looking beyond that. I think we should fix Puerto Rico up, give it a brand spanking new electric grid, and then bid it a fond adieu as we grant it independence. God knows we should never let it become a state.

I've never understood why we've even kept that island this long. We granted the other spoils of the Spanish-American War-- Cuba and the Phillippines-- their independence long ago. What do we need Puerto Rico for? It's just been an albatross around our neck. We've thrown tens of billions of taxpayer dollars at that island to try to bring it into the modern world, and it just hasn't worked. They're in debt up to their eyeballs, a debt they can never pay off and are now (of course) trying to unload on the US taxpayer. Give it up for a bad job and move on.

nfl protests

The thing that strikes me about this NFL 'Take a Knee' nonsense is that it's a typical example of black people addressing problems of only tangential importance rather than the real problems they face in life. The problem, of course, is that the major problems black people face are largely self-created. For starters, what about the fact that three out of four black children are born out of wedlock? Now there's a real problem, but I don't see black people addressing it. Where are the protests about that? Where are the protests about the abysmal performance of black students in school? Or about the astronomical black crime rate (mainly against other blacks, of course)?  No, no, let's get rid of these Confederate monuments, that'll solve our problems! Bullshit.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Who really cares what celebrities 'think' about anything? I'm not a Trump supporter, but I find the anti-Trump handwringing of so many of these Hollywood and TV celebrities almost comical. Who cares about the political opinions of these self-important blowhards? It reminds one of Laura Ingraham's book of a few years ago, 'Shut Up and Sing.'

I remember seeing a poll some years ago now that indicated the percentage of people who actively followed the careers of major show-business celebrities. Madonna was at the top of the list, but even then only 8% of the respondents said they followed her closely. The other celebs registered only in the 3-5% range. In other words, almost nobody actually cares about these people, yet the media try to tell us we're hanging on their every word. Not true. Shut up and sing.


Is there such a thing as being oversexed? I think so, and it's 'strictly third world' (STW). Oversexed people, particularly males, are those whose lives are centered around the pursuit of sexual pleasure and conquest, to the exclusion of just about everything else in life. Their obsessive sexuality makes it virtually impossible for them to be active participants in a first-world society. For one thing, the menfolk are almost never willing to accept the responsibilities of fatherhood in a monogamous relationship. Beyond that, they don't educate themselves, don't hold down jobs, and (as often as not) do not obey the law.

For first-world people, on the other hand, sexuality is secondary to their other pursuits and ambitions in life. That's because they have things going on 'upstairs' and don't spend their lives 'downstairs,' so to speak. They also consider raising children properly in a two-parent family to be a primary responsibility. (This includes same-sex couples).

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


My problem with DACA is my problem with illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America in general: We shouldn't be letting in low-intelligence people from these third-world countries. We need to be bringing in skilled, high-intelligence people who are going to have high-intelligence children. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If we had 12-15 million illegal CHINESE immigrants in this country, but all their kids were getting straight A's and winning science scholarships, NOBODY WOULD CARE!

The fact is that these 'Dreamers,' like Hispanics in general, do not do well in school. Of those over age 18, only something like 5% of them are either in college or already have BAs. (This brings up another point the media doesn't like to mention: most of these people are not children, they're young adults in their 20s and 30s.)